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Can I tell you something?

The Vision that you have for your business is not just dream...It is what you were created to do in life. The reason that you feel so unfulfilled is because you are not living in that vision. Don't allow the size of the vision to scare you. The secret to getting there is taking the first step...

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My vision is to see you win...


What Does Working With Me Look Like?

Walking into your BIG vision can be a very uncomfortable transition. It requires 100% commitment to step outside of your comfort zone into an unfamiliar territory. It is the moment when you find every reason to say no or its’s simply not the right time. It’s even more challenging when you just don’t know where to begin. Worry no more…


The Bianca Marie Agency will walk with you as you begin to do the footwork of creating a business that will sustain through the years. We will teach you the necessary tools needed to format properly, begin to craft a brand that is unique to your purpose and find the funding necessary to never  look back.

"Nothing that has occurred in your life is a coincidence, and you're not behind. The good news is that your calling and gifting's ever expire."


  • You have a BIG vision that you are ready to walk in

  • You know that the vision is your purpose

  • You are a faith-based business owner

  • You can commit to the process


  • You are not willing to commit to the process

  • You want everything to happen quickly

  • You are not willing to invest in yourself and your vision 

  • You are a business consultant or grant writer